My name is Niall Hurley and I am a writer.

Of course, most of us are writers because most of us write in some shape or form. But writing isn’t only something I do in my spare time or out of necessity; I’m a professional.

I’ve studied English literature, English grammar, journalism, philosophy, history, creative writing and English language editing. Since then, I’ve worked as an English instructor, freelance writer, freelance English language editor and advertising copywriter. I’m hyper aware of the need to keep abreast of shifting trends and best practice in the world of writing.

It’s this background that has given me the skills and experience to confidently take on a all kinds of writing projects from conception to completion.

My process is simple and it applies to any and every type of writing – and in fact, every type of communication:

  • I work closely with you to define the response you want to elicit from your readers.
  • I define the message that will best elicit that response.
  • I communicate that message in the best, most concise way possible.

For more detail regarding my professional background, click here.


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